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Managing Our Planet: The State and Fate of the Arctic

The Arctic is a sentinel of global warming where scientists predict and have observed the largest warming, melting and change, yet a region with planetary impact.

China Playing a Long Game in Polar Governance

China’s Antarctic program has captured international attention in recent weeks amid the dramatic rescue of the trapped Russian research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy. China's successful participation in the rescue, in which a Chinese icebreaker played a key role before itself getting trapped in Antarctic ice, made global headlines and brought a windfall of positive public relations for a country whose growing polar interests tend to arouse anxiety among traditional players in the Arctic and Antarctic.

"In Search of Arctic Energy" Publication Launch

Please join the Canada Institute, the Kennan Institute, and the European Studies Program for the publication launch of "In Search of Arctic Energy." This event will discuss the findings of the new paper and delve into the implications that Arctic energy exploration will have for the region and the globe's energy economy.

Alternative North Americas: What Canada and the United States Can Learn from Each Other

Since 9/11 and the Iraq war, relations between Canada and the United States have slowly deteriorated, forcing some to question the future of the world's largest bilateral trading relationship. David Jones, former U.S. foreign service officer, pulls no punches as he explores the growing differences between Canada and the United States and looks for learning opportunities for the two nations.

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Energy and Security: Strategies for a World in Transition

For author updates to selected chapters, see the Energy and Security Updates page.

Endangered Communities? The Politics of Indigenous Peoples in Siberia

The recent suspension of RAIPON, the main umbrella organization that represents the interests of indigenous peoples in Russia, opens the question of how Russia’s indigenous groups will be able to defend their lands and rights.

The Year Ahead in Environment and Energy

Environmental desks at newspapers around the world may be on the defensive, but the stories are only getting bigger.

In Search of Arctic Energy

We would like to thank ExxonMobil Corporation for its contribution to In Search of Arctic Energy.