Press Freedom

Golunov's Case Turns the Kremlin's PR On Its Head


Although the crowd that got to Petrovka Street in the afternoon was largely young, everyone seemed to understand the good old rules for a nonconformist in a police state: know your rights, know their rules, and do not provoke the use of force. If they tell you to stand 50 meters apart, stand 50 meters apart. If you are not supposed to pass your sign on to the next person, do not do that either. Do not contradict, do not present physical resistance.

Yekaterinburg Protest Shows Cracks in Kremlin’s Media Manipulation


Russia’s state-run media have heavily influenced Russians’ worldview. The techniques of agenda setting, framing, and the provision of disinformation are staples in the Kremlin’s toolkit. Yet recent protests in Yekaterinburg and their denouement appear to have tested the efficacy of such time-honored tactics and raise questions about the Kremlin’s ability to continue to control the narrative surrounding news events.