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Anticorruption Laws in Ukraine: Fighting Corruption or Fighting the Corruption Fighters?


Assassination of Human Rights Activist, Councilwoman Marielle Franco, Shocks Brazil

Late yesterday evening, City Councilwoman Marielle Franco was shot and killed in the streets of Rio de Janeiro while returning from an event encouraging the empowerment of young black Brazilians. Her driver, Anderson Pedro Gomes, was also killed. Initial reports indicate that this was a targeted assassination.

Ukraine Quarterly Digest: October – December 2017

The end of 2017 saw some important and long-awaited changes in Ukraine, including the passage of legislation to reform the judiciary, the pension system, and the health care system—all steps greeted positively by the IMF and World Bank. Agreements with the United States to assist with Ukraine’s cybersecurity efforts and defensive needs were also welcome. At the same time, the country was shaken by new tensions with neighboring countries, especially Belarus, over charges of spying, and Poland, as a result of how memory policies in the two countries are structured.

The Act of Disappearing in Mexico

In Mexico today, an individual vanishes – a daughter walking home from school, a husband returning from work, a young man out with his friends for the night – and no one seems to care. Their loved ones file the requisite paperwork, asking for an investigation, but no one else has noticed. This experience is multiplied by tens of thousands as the country recently surpassed 30,000 missing people, not to mention the more than 100,000 dead, since the Drug War was declared in 2006. How did disappearing become normal?

Special Weekly Asado - Labor Discord

A Modest Proposal for Strengthening Anti-Corruption Efforts in Honduras and the MACCIH

THE ABRUPT RESIGNATION of Juan Jiménez as the head of the OAS-led anti-corruption mechanism in Honduras known as MACCIH has been unsettling and disruptive to its important work. In light of the resignation, two senior members of the MACCIH’s investigative team have left as well. Progress underway on important corruption cases involving current and former Honduran authorities will inevitably experience delay. Furthermore, hard-won public support for the MACCIH and Jiménez’s leadership is being eroded.

Infographic | The Missing Reform: Six Concrete Obstacles to Implementing Rule of Law in Mexico

La OEA y Honduras: ¿Cómo Curar una Herida Auto-Infligida?

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Selecting Guatemala’s Next Attorney General: What’s at Stake?

Guatemala has taken important steps in its fight against corruption and impunity. The Attorney General (Fiscal General) has been a key actor in this struggle, working along with the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), a UN-backed mechanism. The country now faces an important test of its efforts to strengthen the rule of law as it begins the process of choosing the next Attorney General. Join us for a discussion about that process and what is at stake for rule of law and anti-corruption efforts in Guatemala.