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AMLO & the Fourth Transformation: One Year After His Historic Election Victory

It has now been one year since the victory of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, an election that was won with the promise of a Fourth Transformation in Mexico. As part of this transformation, López Obrador promised to end corruption, grow the Mexican economy, reduce violence, build infrastructure, and expand social programs designed to reduce poverty and inequality. Six months after taking office, he has maintained a high level of popular support while aggressively pursuing his agenda and managing a challenging relationship with the U.S. administration.

Kennan Cable No. 42: Russia’s Resilient Legal Powerhouse: The Procuracy Enters the 21st Century

On March 18, 2019, President Vladimir Putin signed into law two new restrictions on freedom of speech. One law levied administrative fines on so-called “fake news” while the other imposed penalties for information deemed insulting to human dignity, public morality, or otherwise expressing disrespect to state symbols and institutions.[1] The above laws lacked precise standards, thereby requiring interpretation.

The Kremlin’s Statecraft and Russia’s Freeze-Thaw Cycle


Michael Calvey Case Revisited: A Corporate Hit, a Bargaining Chip


The American investor Michael Calvey, who was detained in February in Moscow on fraud charges, is back in the news again. Calvey, who has lived and worked in Moscow for years, is the founder of Baring Vostok Capital Partners, a well-known private equity firm that has been investing in Russian ventures since 1994. He stands accused of embezzling 2.5 billion rubles (about $40 million) from the Vostochny Express bank.

The Future of Ukrainian Oligarchs

Twenty-seven years after independence, the Ukrainian economy continues to struggle. The broad influence of oligarchs, who rely on insider deals and hidden political connections to maximize their wealth, is one reason for Ukraine’s faltering development. Victor Andrusiv presented the findings of his new report, which details the influence of oligarchs on Ukrainian society, industry, and politics and three scenarios for their future in Ukraine.

Citizenship without Borders: Russian Passports for Ukrainian Citizens


Russia’s “Undesirable Organization” Law Marks a New Level of Repression


Though incidents of repression, unjust sentences, and politically motivated prosecutions in Russia are beginning to seem commonplace, the first-ever criminal cases opened under Article 284.1 of the Criminal Code mark one more step in the Kremlin’s march toward increasing political repression.