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Mexican Civil Society's Battle Against Corruption: #Ley3de3

The Wilson Center's Mexico Institute is pleased to invite you to our event "Mexican Civil Society's Battle Against Corruption: #Ley3de3." Prominent members of Mexican civil society will discuss the mechanisms being pursued to create a proper legal framework to fight corruption in Mexico. In particular, they will discuss the current status and challenges of a "citizen initiative" known as #Ley3de3, which is currently being discussed in the Mexican Congress.

Miranda: More Than Words

Since 2001, the American Bar Association Division for Public Education has conducted the Leon Jaworski public program series to commemorate Law Day. The Jaworski public programs have examined themes of law, politics, and culture and have operated on the premise that exploring fundamental legal identities and attributes help us better understand who we are as Americans and as global citizens.

Will Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff be Impeached?

Will Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff be impeached? As the process progresses, the likelihood of that outcome seems to increase almost daily. Paulo Sotero, Director of the Wilson Center’s Brazil Institute is traveling to the country and will be there when the next vote occurs. Prior to his departure, we spoke to him about the overall situation and what we might expect next as Brazil’s political crisis unfolds. That’s the focus of this edition of  Wilson Center NOW.


Being Clever is Not a Crime

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Perspectives on the May 2016 London Anti-Corruption Summit

An increased urgency is growing around the world regarding the need to confront the deep-rooted problem of corruption. Prime Minister David Cameron plans to host a major international anti-corruption summit in London in May 2016 that will engage the global community on this issue.  

The Impact of Violence on Mexico’s Economy

Mexico Institute Global Fellow Viridiana Rios is studying the impact of violence on Mexico’s economy and has come to some surprising conclusions. It appears that in some cases crime does pay. She discusses the economic winners and losers in this edition of  Wilson Center NOW.


Scandals Have Made Brazilians Less Tolerant of Corruption on High Places

The brief detention for questioning of Brazil’s former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on March 4, 2016, on the orders of federal authorities investigating a vast corruption scandal involving state oil giant Petrobras, was not a total surprise. Lula, a once revered leader who left the presidency in 2010 with an 84 percent approval rating, recently had maneuvered to avoid facing São Paulo state prosecutors who were conducting a similar inquiry on posh real estate property connected to his family, close friends, and companies involved in the Petrobras scandal.

Iran Arrests 80-Year-Old Father of Dual-Citizen Already in Custody

An 80-year-old Iranian-American was arrested Monday night when he returned to Tehran after visiting family and getting a medical exam in Dubai. Baquer Namazi was picked up at the Tehran airport and driven to his house for several hours of interrogation, then taken to the notorious Evin prison. His family, which posted about his arrest Wednesday on social media, has had no contact with him since.