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Human Rights - Brazil 2018 Understanding the Issues

Brazil is a party to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is committed to guaranteeing equality, dignity, and freedom for all people. Despite being a signatory, the domestic conditions for human rights are far from ideal in Brazil.

Anti-Corruption Efforts - Brazil 2018 Understanding the Issues

Many countries around the world struggle with corruption and its impacts on society, including economic problems, social inequality and violence, and public distrust in government. Corruption remains more prevalent in emerging countries due to obstacles like impunity, insufficient oversight, and widespread patronage.

Public Security - Brazil 2018 Understanding the Issues

In 2018, much of the discussion surrounding public security in Brazil has centered on Rio de Janeiro. The debate concerning the federal military intervention in Rio due to security issues—in addition to the international and domestic coverage of the assassination of local council woman Marielle Franco—have made the city the “face” of public security issues in Brazil. However, problems of public security and violence are systemic in Brazil, and extend far beyond the limits of Rio de Janeiro.