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Fighting Impunity and Corruption in El Salvador: A Conversation with Attorney General Douglas Meléndez Ruíz

El Salvador has been besieged in recent times by record homicide rates, powerful gangs, and significant corruption scandals involving top government officials. Yet despite these challenges, efforts to fight corruption and impunity have shown important results. The Wilson Center's Latin American Program hosted Douglas Meléndez Ruíz, El Salvador's attorney general, for a discussion on these issues.


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Attorney General Douglas Meléndez Ruíz (original Spanish)

Governing the Ungovernable: Institutional Reforms for Democratic Governance in Pakistan

Pakistan, since its independence in 1947, had to face tumultuous years for the first four decades. Despite the many challenges, both internal and external, the country was able to register a 6 per cent average annual growth rate during the first forty years of its existence. The country was ahead of India and Bangladesh in all economic and social indicators. Since 1990, the country has fallen behind its neighbouring countries and has had a decline in the growth rate. 

The Link Between Corruption and Gender Inequality: A Heavy Burden for Development and Democracy

Corruption, understood as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain, is a major obstacle for sustainable economic development in Latin America. It endangers democracy, equality, the rule of law, ethical values, and justice. Furthermore, many forms of gender inequality are closely linked to high levels of corruption.

The Struggle for Free Speech in Russia

The Russian government remains widely criticized for its record on human rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly. With the fourth inauguration of Vladimir Putin having taken place earlier this month, Kennan Institute Fellow Marina Agaltsova discusses whether progress is being made in protecting these rights for Russian citizens, or if we should anticipate even more restrictions.