Science and Technology Policy

The U.S.-China Digital Economy: Opportunity, Compromise and Peril

Social networks and e-commerce are booming in the United States and China. Major players from both countries are deeply interested in the other’s markets. U.S. corporations doing business in China are beyond the reach of U.S. regulators and subject to the Chinese government’s information and national security strategies. Chinese firms working in the more open U.S. market are suspected of bringing aspects of the China’s surveillance state and American shores, threatening U.S. consumers, industries, and technological infrastructures.

Going Darker? The Challenge of Dark Net Terrorism

When most people think of the Dark Net, they think of crime, fraud, illegal online activities and terrorism. But what really is the Dark Net? Why is it appealing to internet-savvy terrorists? How can we counter this new age of terrorism? Perhaps most crucially, is the Dark Net all Dark?
Read this report to learn more about the Dark Net, as well as what terrorists are doing with the Dark Net and how are they accessing the platform.

North American Workforce Development Initiative

I. Context

Innovation Happens in Mexico. It Should and Could Happen More.

Based on an in-depth survey of Mexico’s innovation research and semistructured interviews with critical actors of Mexico’s innovation ecosystem, this report explores how to encourage innovation in Mexico. It identifies four types of inhibitors to innovation—government, community, infrastructure, and funding—and explains them in detail, providing data-driven evidence of advances and problems.

The Intersection of Genomics, AI, and Security

Eleonore Pauwels was selected from among a group of twenty-four innovative minds in the field of international science policy to be interviewed by two Silicon Valley investors regarding her expertise on AI and Genomics. The interview constitutes a chapter in the recently published book, What's Your Bio Strategy?: How to Prepare Your Business for the Age of Synthetic Biology.