Science and Technology

Security and the Connected Vehicle

Today's vehicles have effectively become computers on wheels: from navigation systems to infotainment to HMI (human-machine interface). To date, these technologies have helped to improve the overall experience of driving in many ways. But are security protocols being properly considered in implementing such technologies? Are these systems built to last in today's high-threat cyber environments? What is the mobility sector doing to secure transportation today and tomorrow? How do smart cities and government regulations impact these connected vehicles?

Space Technology for a Smart and Resilient Arctic

The Arctic continues to change at a rapid pace with northern communities experiencing social, political, environmental, and economic impacts of such change. With over four million residents above the Arctic Circle, and many millions more living in the Arctic region, including indigenous peoples, the communities of the North are looking to a broad range of balanced economic development, the application of new and applicable technologies, and opportunities to shape their future.

A North American Workforce Development Agenda

North America faces an alarming skills gap that negatively affects the international competitiveness and economic performance of all three countries. Simultaneously, the United States, Canada, and Mexico are facing economic and technological transformations. This set of challenges calls for priority investment in the development of the continent’s workforces. North America’s highly integrated production and commercial networks mean that more regional collaboration is essential.

Infographic | North American Workforce Development Agenda: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Going Darker? The Challenge of Dark Net Terrorism

When most people think of the Dark Net, they think of crime, fraud, illegal online activities and terrorism. But what really is the Dark Net? Why is it appealing to internet-savvy terrorists? How can we counter this new age of terrorism? Perhaps most crucially, is the Dark Net all Dark?