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From Bytes to Bucks: Soft Power, Policy, Tech, and Culture

Three Wilson Center analysts examine the push and pull between state and society in the expression of cultural values in contemporary technologies, and what this tension implies for the international system:

1. Valerie Anishchenkova:  The importance of video games in modern global culture cannot be underestimated, especially in their increasing impact on personal and collective identities. What do Russian war-themed video games reveal about contemporary Russian nationalism? Who are friends and who are foes? Drawn directly from today’s geopolitical conflicts.

Fostering Innovation in Mexico: Fifth High Level Forum for Policymakers

Innovation is a key driver of economic growth and productivity. It is also a crucial determinant of a nation’s ability to compete globally. In recent years, Mexico has fallen behind other economies in both its productivity levels and encouragement of innovation.

2018 Vector-Borne and Water-Related Disease Workshop

NASA's GPM Disease Initiative and the Wilson Center are excited to be co-sponsoring a day-long Vector and Waterborne Disease Workshop that brings together leaders in epidemiology, public health, policy, and citizen science. The goal is to advance the dialogue and collaborate on actionable techniques for utilizing Earth Observation data for the understanding, monitoring, and prediction of emerging diseases.

2nd Annual Transatlantic Symposium on ICT and Policy


Leveraging People, Technology, and Information for a Smart and Connected Society


The Social Benefits of Blockchain for Health Data: Securing Patient Privacy and Control

A blockchain system for electronic health records (EHRs), framed as a protocol through which to access and maintain health data, guarantees security and privacy through empowering the user with control of their own data. While using a blockchain architecture approaches interoperability through centralization of data, the use of Ethereum’s smart contracts enables an unprecedented ease of data sharing which transcends in simplicity of use and security.

The Intersection of Genomics, AI, and Security

Eleonore Pauwels was selected from among a group of twenty-four innovative minds in the field of international science policy to be interviewed by two Silicon Valley investors regarding her expertise on AI and Genomics. The interview constitutes a chapter in the recently published book, What's Your Bio Strategy?: How to Prepare Your Business for the Age of Synthetic Biology.

Artificial Intelligence: A Policy-Oriented Introduction

Technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI) promise to be pervasive, with impacts and ramifications in health, economics, security and governance. In combination with other emerging and converging technologies, AI has the potential to transform our society through better decision-making and improvements to the human condition. But, without adequate risk assessment and mitigation, AI may pose a threat to existing vulnerabilities in our defenses, economic systems, and social structures.

Who Will Own The Secrets In Our Genes? A U.S. – China Race in Artificial Intelligence and Genomics

The United States has been precision medicine’s worldwide champion, conducting most of the research that first deciphered our genome about fifteen years ago. This could change with China’s heavy investment and capacity-building in the increasing convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and new genetic technologies.