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Atoms for Peace: A Future after Fifty Years?

On December 8, 1953, President Dwight Eisenhower proposed in a speech to the United Nations that nuclear nonproliferation be promoted by offering peaceful nuclear technology to countries that would renounce nuclear weapons. Today the value of that basic trade-off—atoms for peace—is in question, along with the institutions that embody it. Deployment of weapons by India and Pakistan, noncompliance with safeguards by North Korea and Iran, and the threat of nuclear terrorism have weakened the image of the Nonproliferation Treaty.

PEN 4 - Nanotechnology in Agriculture and Food Production: Anticipated Applications


Thanks to nanotechnology, tomorrow’s food will be designed by shaping molecules and atoms.

PEN 3 - Nanotechnology: A Research Strategy for Addressing Risk


This report by Dr. Andrew Maynard proposes a comprehensive framework for systematically exploring possible risks.