Science and Technology

2nd Annual Transatlantic Symposium on ICT and Policy


Leveraging People, Technology, and Information for a Smart and Connected Society


The Social Benefits of Blockchain for Health Data: Securing Patient Privacy and Control

A blockchain system for electronic health records (EHRs), framed as a protocol through which to access and maintain health data, guarantees security and privacy through empowering the user with control of their own data. While using a blockchain architecture approaches interoperability through centralization of data, the use of Ethereum’s smart contracts enables an unprecedented ease of data sharing which transcends in simplicity of use and security.

The Intersection of Genomics, AI, and Security

Eleonore Pauwels was selected from among a group of twenty-four innovative minds in the field of international science policy to be interviewed by two Silicon Valley investors regarding her expertise on AI and Genomics. The interview constitutes a chapter in the recently published book, What's Your Bio Strategy?: How to Prepare Your Business for the Age of Synthetic Biology.

Artificial Intelligence: A Policy-Oriented Introduction

Technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI) promise to be pervasive, with impacts and ramifications in health, economics, security and governance. In combination with other emerging and converging technologies, AI has the potential to transform our society through better decision-making and improvements to the human condition. But, without adequate risk assessment and mitigation, AI may pose a threat to existing vulnerabilities in our defenses, economic systems, and social structures.

Who Will Own The Secrets In Our Genes? A U.S. – China Race in Artificial Intelligence and Genomics

The United States has been precision medicine’s worldwide champion, conducting most of the research that first deciphered our genome about fifteen years ago. This could change with China’s heavy investment and capacity-building in the increasing convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and new genetic technologies.

Zoonotic Diseases and the Possibilities with EBV Monitoring

Now more than ever, we, as a society, need to examine all of the underlining ways that climate change, as well as overpopulation, are effecting every aspect of our existence.  Its environmental and economic impacts are still being understood and recorded as people begin to fear the repercussions.  One line of research that should be emphasized in these changing times is the virology and pathology of the emerging infectious diseases known as zoonotic diseases.  To fully address this problem, a successful and expansive monitoring of Essential Biodiversity Variab