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The Potential for a U.S.-Canadian Spacefaring Partnership: Canada’s Role in The U.S. Return to Space Leadership

AfPak File Podcast: The US/Taliban Talks: Significance, Implications, And Next Steps

In recent days, the United States and the Taliban reportedly agreed to a framework for a potential deal - one that could involve the Taliban denying space to international terror groups and to an eventual withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

AfPak File Podcast: Unpacking the Relationship Between Tehran and the Taliban

Dispatches: February 2019

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Extortionomics and Ideas to Leverage the Digital Revolution

Mexico has been labeled and praised as one of the countries that “has done well” because it implemented several reforms—some of which were both profound and transforming—in topics such as macroeconomic stability, antitrust, and energy, among others. In certain cases, the country implemented only gradual reforms and stakeholders opposed to the changes have not been affected. In spite of this, the effort did not translate into faster growth rates.

Seventh Annual U.S.-Mexico Security Conference: New Government, Old Challenges in Mexico's Security Landscape

In this seventh annual Mexican security review, the forum examined the pressing security challenges Mexico faces and how it plans to respond, including the rising importance of the fentanyl trade for organized crime. Two new research papers on fentanyl were presented. The conference also featured leading policy analysts discussing major security trends in 2019, efforts to professionalize the police, the proposed National Guard, efforts to prevent crime and reduce violence, as well as the future of U.S.-Mexico security cooperation under a new Mexican president. 

Are Sulu Sea Trilateral Patrols Actually Working?

One of the minilateral security initiatives emerging out of Southeast Asia over the past few years has been the new trilateral cooperation mechanism for managing a range of transnational challenges in the Sulu Sea between Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. With the mechanism expected to continue to take shape into 2019 as well, it is worth asking where it stands as well as the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for it.