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Brazil-U.S. Defense Cooperation

AfPak File: Unpacking Imran Khan’s Recent Interview on Militancy

Earlier this month, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan sat for an interview with a small group of foreign correspondents from prominent outlets. In the interview, he acknowledged that Pakistan’s military had been responsible for forming many of the country’s militant groups, and he declared that Pakistan no longer has any use for “armed militias.”

Brazilian Navy Officer Receives UN Gender Advocate Award, Shows Why Women Peacekeepers Matter

On March 29, Brazilian Lieutenant Commander Marcia Andrade Braga received the United Nations (UN) Military Gender Advocate of the Year Award for her outstanding work to increase gender awareness within her peacekeeping mission and for driving constructive engagement with local communities and female leaders.*

Afpak File Podcast: Trilateral Tensions And Implications For Talks With The Taliban

In recent weeks, the fragile U.S.-Pakistan-Afghanistan triangle has suffered some body blows. First, Afghan national security adviser Hamdullah Mohib excoriated lead U.S. negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad, accusing him of trying to delegitimize the Afghan government.

Then, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan publicly endorsed the idea of an interim government in Afghanistan. An incensed Kabul accused Khan of interfering in Afghan affairs, and the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan expressed his displeasure as well.

5-Part Series: The Arctic and U.S. National Security

The Arctic is undergoing profound geological change at a dizzying pace. The Wilson Center’s Polar Institute is proud to present a new program series about the international and local implications of this new Arctic to an Alaskan audience who are most directly affected.

The series, The Arctic and U.S. National Security, will air Monday, April 8 through Friday, April 12 on GCI Channel 907, starting at 8 p.m. each day.

The 2019 India-Pakistan Crisis

In February of 2019, India and Pakistan had their most serious confrontation in nearly twenty years.  Asia Program Deputy Director Michael Kugelman provided historical context and analysis in the days surrounding the crisis.


India-Pakistan and the Threat of War (Wilson Center NOW):

The Inner Workings of Rostec, Russia’s Military-Industrial Behemoth


Pavel Luzin is Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of History and Political Science at Perm University. This article first appeared in Riddle and has been lightly edited here for style.