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From Bytes to Bucks: Soft Power, Policy, Tech, and Culture

Three Wilson Center analysts examine the push and pull between state and society in the expression of cultural values in contemporary technologies, and what this tension implies for the international system:

1. Valerie Anishchenkova:  The importance of video games in modern global culture cannot be underestimated, especially in their increasing impact on personal and collective identities. What do Russian war-themed video games reveal about contemporary Russian nationalism? Who are friends and who are foes? Drawn directly from today’s geopolitical conflicts.

Weathering the Storm Through Collaborative Play

"Don't be shellfish, we're all in the same boat!"

Award-Winning Online Game Helps Voters Steer America’s ‘Fiscal Ship’

While Congress debates fiscal policies on the Hill, voters can take part in the debate with the Fiscal Ship, an award-winning online game about the federal budget. Developed by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at Brookings, the game allows players to learn more about the impact of specific policies proposed by politicians and see their long-term impact on our national debt. 

Living Labs: An Intersection of Scientific Innovation

Here in the Science and Technology Innovation Program, we cover a lot of broad subjects under our little umbrella.

Let’s Play: Games and the Federal Government

The Federal Games Guild (FGG), an informal community of practice of federal agencies who are interested in the use and design of games for federal initiatives, will be hosting its first (un)conference. The purpose of this conference is to provide a platform to allow members to connect with one another and deepen their understanding of the application of games in the federal space.

Cities in Play: Online to Offline: Using Serious Games to Increase Civic Engagement

Part of the goal of many serious games is to increase civic engagement in the real world. But how do we do that? Bringing together a panel of experts from academia, industry, and government, we outlined the barriers to teaching civic engagement in the classroom and explored some of the ways in which digital game leaders are circumventing those barriers.
Moderator: Dr. Elizabeth Newbury, Serious Games Initiative, Wilson Center

Cities in Play (Cidade em Jogo)

Do you have what it takes to be mayor of your city?


Esports and Competitive Gaming: Trends in Game-based Education




Students compete at the first ever public university esports arena. Image Copyright, University of California, Irvine.


Fall 2017 Internship: Mapping North Korea’s Nuclear Program

This position has been filled for the fall and we are no longer accepting applications.