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Another Game for Congress to Play

Steny Hoyer, the House Democratic whip, stood in his conference room at the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon and argued that our problems could be solved if only lawmakers would play more games.

“It’s so very important,” he said, standing in front of a screen announcing the launch of “Budget Hero: Election Edition,” a video game in which people of all ages can try their luck at balancing the federal budget.

What People Are Saying about Budget Hero

Budget Hero,” the popular serious game designed to help people of all ages understand the Federal budget and the trade-offs involved in the budgetary process, is re-launching this fall with a new edition updated to reflect both the current Presidential race between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney and the impending “fiscal cliff.”

Here are some quotes from people who have played Budget Hero:

Federal Games Group Meeting

The Science and Technology Innovation Program hosts the Federal Games Guild for lunch as they tackle best practices in game-based investments and marketing for games for impact. This event is by invitation only. 

My Bright Idea: Jane Harman on Using Games to Fix Government

The Economist says “video games will be the fastest-growing and most exciting form of mass media over the coming decade.” That excitement and its audience can also be put to serious use. At the Wilson Center, we’ve been into “serious” gaming since 2002—developing new media approaches to ever-evolving, complex social and political challenges. Why? Because it’s fun! Yes, fun. That’s what games do well.

Can Gaming Address Serious Issues?

Games are a great way to explore policy options because they allow the player to see both intended and unintended consequences of decisions, said Diane Tucker who directs the Center’s Serious Games Initiative. Tucker described important updates coming this fall with the Election Edition of the serious game Budget Hero.

“Budget Hero” Added to BrainPOP’s Free Resource for Top Educational Games

WASHINGTON – “Budget Hero,” the computer game, designed to help people of all ages understand the Federal budget and the underlying issues that shape it, is now offered on the free resource GameUp™,  BrainPOP’s collection of cross-curricular game titles from leading publishers.