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MENA Women News Brief

The Middle East Program will send out the latest developments on women’s issues in the region on a bi-weekly basis.


August 1 - August 15, 2018



August 9: Sexually-Harassed Bahraini Women Only Themselves to Blame, Officials Imply

Bridging the Red-White Divide Is a Home Run for Putin

In an event infused with historical and moral significance, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, consecrated a church late last week that would commemorate the suffering of the Orthodox believers persecuted by the Soviet state.

Russia’s Muslims Are as Diverse as Their Experiences

A newly built mosque "Yardam" ("Help"), built in a working class neighborhood of Kazan, hosts a rehabilitation center for the disabled. Photo credit: Liliya Karimova

Portrait of the Russian Youth

From activism to apathy, the views, values, and priorities of Russian Millennials vary widely and have a profound impact on the Russian political system and civil society. The Kennan Institute's Moscow-based academic liaison Nina Rozhanovskaya asks “who are the Russian Millennials and what do they strive for?” She explored what young Russians have in common with previous generations and their peers overseas and what makes them different.

LGBT Rights in the Post-Arab Spring Middle East

“It’s very intolerant across the region. Pew Research Center poll data shows that a lot of societies are still very, very hostile with the idea of seeing the LGBT community as part of society.”

--- Arnaud Kurze, Wilson Center Global Fellow

Can the arts provide safe spaces for the LGBT community in societies that are often hostile to their search for tolerance and rights? Wilson Global Fellow Arnaud Kurze shares his latest research on LGBT rights in the post-Arab spring Middle East. That’s the focus of this edition of Wilson Center NOW

Divided We Stand: The Battle Over Women's Rights and Family Values That Polarized American Politics

Forty years ago, two women's movements drew a line in the sand between liberals and conservatives. The legacy of that rift is still evident today in American politics and social policies.