Society and Culture

Wild Laws: China and Its Role in Illicit Wildlife Trade

Picture your typical farm: Pigs, cows, chickens, goats…and tigers? This may sound far-fetched, but many iconic wild animals – including tigers, bears, and rhinos – are now farmed en masse in China.

Beyond Migration: The Refugee Crisis in Europe and the Challenges of Immigrant Integration

Despite decades of immigration, even the most multicultural countries in Europe are struggling with the scale of the current refugee crisis, and the challenge of integrating the newcomers. This crisis, one of Europe’s biggest of the past century, has the potential to alter the political fabric of the continent and undermine the foundation of post-WWII transnational institutions. The political and humanitarian consequences of the EU’s deal with Turkey have drawn much attention. But what about those refugees who have already made the trip and are now settling in Europe, if only temporarily?

Preserving Cultural Heritage in Armed Conflicts

The ongoing armed conflicts in the Middle East have caused severe damage to the region’s cultural heritage. Despite the challenges, great joint efforts have been made between local heritage professionals and the international heritage community. Such efforts demonstrate creative approaches to preserving cultural heritage in conflict zones, and illuminate the future of more efficient international cooperation.

Is Europe Post-Secular? Religion and Politics in the European Union

Recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels have put religion back on the European agenda. François Foret will discuss his book, Religion and Politics in the European Union: The Secular Canopy, which analyzes the place and influence of religion in European politics. He presents the first ever data collected on the religious beliefs of European decision makers and how they act on these beliefs.

Looting and Trafficking of Antiquities in the Middle East

Looting and Trafficking of Antiquities in the Middle East

April 7, 2016

Four experts shared their analyses on the threat that looting and trafficking of antiquities from archaeological sites poses to the survival of cultural heritage.

Running an Independent Russian Media Outlet

Kennan Institute Distinguished Speaker Series

Since its launch in October 2014, the independent, Riga-based media outlet Meduza has reached an audience of 4 million unique visitors per month, 70% of whom live in Russia. How does Meduza ensure comprehensive coverage of Russian news while being based outside the country? How have the Russian establishment and official media responded to Meduza’s rise? Publisher and journalist Ilya Krasilshchik shares the story of Meduza’s challenges and success.