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A Centenary Celebration of Prokofiev and America

The Kennan Institute is pleased to announce the rescheduled "Centenary Celebration of Prokofiev and America."

*EVENT CANCELED*: Central Asian Cinema Series: East Coast Film Premiere of Centaur

Due to a technical complication, this event has been canceled.

AfPak File Podcast: The Precarious State Of Civil Society In Pakistan

In recent weeks, new pressures have been placed on Pakistan's once-vibrant civil society.

The government expelled 18 international NGOs and placed new restrictions on the leaders of the Pashtun Tahfuz Movement (PTM), a civil rights initiative. Pakistani authorities even called on journalists to make their reporting “more positive” in a media environment reeling from censorship.

Why Do Russia and the U.S. Need Each Other?: Foreign Policy and National Identity

Russia and the United States have come into conflict over many international issues. A “war of images” also plays an important role in the current crisis in bilateral relations. Victoria Zhuravleva discussed how anti-Americanism in Russia and anti-Russian sentiments in the U.S. are used in domestic political games, as well as how foreign policy becomes a stage for defining national identity in opposition to images of the “other,” a pattern spanning the U.S.-Russia relationship for over a century.

Stories from “Russia Behind Bars”: A Conversation with Olga Romanova

The prison and exile experience connects some of the most influential figures in Russian history. “Prison culture” continues to impact contemporary Russian culture and society. Olga Romanova will discuss how "prison culture" influences the everyday lives of Russians based on testimonies from her new book “Russia Behind Bars,” which includes illustrations by Oleg Navalny.

Talking North Korea in Hollywood

In Hollywood, North Korea means drama. Films like The Interview (2014) or Red Dawn (2012) entertain and alarm at the same time. The fictional story of an attempt by CIA agents to assassinate Kim Jong-un, The Interview caused North Korea to mount a cyberattack on the distributor, Sony Pictures Entertainment. In Red Dawn, a group of American high school students stand up against North Korean troops invading the U.S. mainland.

AfPak File Podcast- The Aasia Bibi Case: Significance and Implications

On October 31, Pakistan’s Supreme Court acquitted Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman who had been on death row for nearly a decade on blasphemy charges. It was a milestone decision in a country where the law is often unkind to religious minorities. Islamist hardliners took to the streets to protest the decision, and eventually, they signed an agreement with the government that ensured that her case would be reviewed.

The Role of the Public Intellectual in Today’s Russia

Intellectuals have played a central role in Soviet and Russian societies. Novelists, poets, and artists had a sense of higher social mission and were viewed as “the conscience of the nation.” In today’s Russia, the demand for public intellectuals who can serve as a moral compass seems to be changing. Celebrated Russian writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya discussed the role of the intelligentsia in contemporary Russian society.

Film Premiere: A New Leash On Life

The Women in Public Service Project and the American Society of Military Comptrollers in association with 62Media Works invite you to the Washington, D.C. premiere of the documentary A New Leash On Life: The K9s for Warriors Story. 

Citizen Science: Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy

Citizen Science: Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy identifies and explains the role of citizen science within innovation in science and society, and as a vibrant and productive science-policy interface. The scope of this volume is global, geared towards identifying solutions and lessons to be applied across science, practice and policy.