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An Opportunity to Pressure the Assad Government

Journey Summary:Traveling the Texas-Mexico Border

Senior Associate, Eric Olson, and Associate, Chris Wilson, recently traveled the length of the Texas-Mexico border, beginning in El Paso/Ciudad Juarez and ending in Brownsville/Matamoros.

The two have blogged about their experiences noting the implications of the current security situation that faces cities on both sides of the border.The blog entries written from Feb. 21st through Mar. 5th have been compiled and may be viewed here...

Wilson Expert: Military Strike No 'Silver Bullet' Against Iran Nuclear Capability


Book Discussion--U.S. Government Counterterrorism: A Guide to Who Does What

Michael Kraft, former senior advisor, State Department Counterterrorism Office, and Edward Marks, former U.S. ambassador, Department of State discuss their new book, U.S. Government Counterterrorism: A Guide to Who Does What.

About the Book:

A Mosque in Germany: Nazis, Intelligence Services and the Rise of Political Islam in the West

Stefan Meining, former Wilson Center public policy scholar and editor of Bayerischer Rundfunk, Bavaria's Public Broadcasting Service will discuss his latest book entitled A Mosque in Germany: Nazis, Intelligence Services and the Rise of Political Islam in the West which sheds new light on the history of the Islamic scene in Germany and how it was systematically nurtured by the intelligence services. A Mosque in Germany is based mainly on Meining's research for his documentary film, wh


WASHINGTON:  The Wilson Center today released a major new report on the controversial U.S. civilian assistance program to Pakistan, known as Kerry-Lugar-Berman (KLB). The report warns that substantial mid-course changes are necessary if KLB is to fulfill its goals for both the United States and Pakistan, and provides nearly 30 recommendations for guiding KLB forward.

“We have to get Pakistan right,” said Jane Harman, president and CEO of the Wilson Center.  “This report represents an important step in that direction.” 

Democracy Wins in Tunisia


Tunisian Elections Set Positive Precedent for Arab World

"Tunisia has set a marker here, for what you do from a standing start…this is how you do a fair election, this is how people participate, and this is how you open it to the world to see it," says Wilson Center Director, President, and CEO Jane Harman on CNN’s American Morning.