Trade and Development

U.S.-China Trade Battles – in a Larger War

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW, Kissinger Institute Director Robert Daly considers where U.S.-China relations stand, amid heightened tensions surrounding the escalating trade dispute between the two nations.


More Berries, More Workers: A Look into Jalisco’s Berry Export Industry


Mexico has seen an impressive increase in its berry production in recent years.

Farm Labor and Mexico’s Export Produce Industry


A North American Workforce Development Agenda: Better Jobs for a More Competitive Region

The Wilson Center's Mexico Institute hosted a conference on A North American Workforce Development Agenda: Better Jobs for a More Competitive Region, with the aim of bringing together senior policymakers and members of the private sector from all three North American countries to share best practices and examine ways to improve workforce-development strategies in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the region.

Got Milk? Canada and the U.S. Clash Over Dairy

Why is the Trump administration targeting dairy products in its trade dispute with Canada? Benn Proctor, Program Associate with the Wilson Center’s Canada Institute, explains why dairy from north of the border has become such a contentious issue between otherwise friendly neighbors. That’s the focus of this edition of Wilson Center NOW.


With a U.S. Trade War Escalating, Canada’s Stability is Also Its Weakness

Originally published in the 

When and Whether National Security Plays a Role in Trade

Arguing the need to preserve national security in justifying taking protectionist action is hardly new. In fact, it can be an effective tool to keep critical industries robust and make sure that otherwise vulnerable sectors remain resilient to hostile bids. What’s more, economic war can be wagered against serious threats that jeopardize national security not through imposing punitive tariffs, but rather by being banned from doing business. The challenge though is to know what tools to use and when, against real threats, rather than imaginary ones. 

Building Partnership with Mexico, A Presentation by Earl Anthony Wayne