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Trade and Development

Infrastructure in the Arctic: Building for Tomorrow

The United States Arctic's extreme operating environment poses unique challenges to land and coastal-based infrastructure development, with receding sea ice, coastal erosion, and thawing permafrost, among other effects of climate change, complicating efforts. This panel will discuss these challenges and how they affect projections of future maritime traffic, existing development activities, and the emerging vision of the Alaska of tomorrow.


Eyeing the EU’s Overtures to China

Washington’s winters may or may not be harsher in recent years as a result of climate change. But in spite of all the concerns about weather pattern changes impacting nature, the city’s cherry blossoms have proven resilient to the volatility, this year being no exception. With the blossoms come another enduring fixture of springtime in Washington: the spring meetings of the IMF and the World Bank. Like the flowers, the message from the meetings too has been quite predictable.

Ambitions Beyond Growth: Sustainable Development Goals in Asia and the UN

How can investments from the public and public sectors help provide universal health coverage, quality education, and good infrastructure while staying on track to limit climate change? Join us for a discussion on the challenges of investing in the Asia-Pacific to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, and how governments could mobilize resources to meet investment requirements.

Event Summary: The Aftermath of President Bolsonaro’s Visit to Washington and Prospects for Economic Reform

President Jair Bolsonaro wrapped up his first official visit to Washington as president yesterday, as his government looks to fulfill its promise of strengthening relations with the United States. Yet one of the most promising areas of bilateral dialogue—economic and commercial relations, including greater U.S. investment in Brazil—will depend heavily on the new government’s capacity to deliver much-needed reforms at home, particularly the approval of meaningful pension reform in the Brazilian National Congress.

Knowledge Gaps Create Opportunity for Mischief Among U.S. Legislators as USMCA Ratification Stalls

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Facing Chinese Aggression and U.S. Indifference, Few Options Exist for Canada

Originally published in iPolitics on April 4, 2019.