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Theater and the Heart of a City: Moscow’s Teatr.doc’s Confrontation with Authority

On the evening of December 30, 2014 -- just as two dozen or so patrons were settling into their seats at a purposefully ramshackle basement theater in central Moscow to watch a film about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine -- police officials and a television crew entered the hall, declared a bomb threat, and asked everyone to evacuate.  Despite the declared urgency that a bomb might go off, the police checked and recorded the documents of everyone in the audience and requested that they wait in paddy wagons parked outside for their own protection.  When questioned about the wisdom of taking 4

Addressing the Affordable Housing Crunch: U.S. Policy Shifts

By Christina Rosan, research assistance from Yuan Huang

As more people are living in cities, the gap between affordable housing and low- and middle-income households in urban areas continues to grow wider. While experts agree on the importance of affordable housing for the well-being of a city and its residents, confronting the affordable housing shortage has been the subject of much debate and remains one of the top urban policy challenges in the United States today.

Habitat III: What Role for Innovation?

Habitat III: What Role for Innovation? (Web)

The Wilson Center's Urban Sustainability Laboratory, Cisco Systems, and the Meeting of the Minds invite you to a web-exclusive roundtable discussion from telepresence locations in Washington D.C., New York City, Boston, and Mexico City. Please join us by WebEx as participants discuss the role that advanced technology can play in achieving the core objectives of Habitat III. The roundtable will focus on priorities and opportunities that must be addressed by the "New Urban Agenda." 

Locating Social Entrepreneurship in the Global South: Innovations in Development Aid

Edited by Lisa Hanley and Allison Garland with contributions by Stuart L. Hart, Rosedel Davies-Adewebi, David Wood, and Keely Stevenson, and featuring the work of Paul Collier, Javier Okhuysen, and Haron Wachira.

Dancing towards Revolution in Kyiv

The rhythmic hip-hop-like chants of protest exploded just as the final curtain came down on the flower-laden ballet dancers and the musicians who had performed with them.

“Beauty and the Beast:” A Tale of Entrepreneurship and Community

     Synetic Theater has another hit on its hands with its new production of Beauty and the Beast.  “It gives you goosebumps,” writes the website Broadway World; “A lush, almost feverish theatrical experience, impressive to see and satisfying,” gushes Talkin’ Broadway blog; “fresh and frightening,” declares the Washington City Paper; and “graphically clever” as well as “bewitchingly ideal conveyance,” notes the doyen of Washington critics Peter Marks in the Washington Post.