Urban Studies

Preserving Cultural Heritage in Armed Conflicts

The ongoing armed conflicts in the Middle East have caused severe damage to the region’s cultural heritage. Despite the challenges, great joint efforts have been made between local heritage professionals and the international heritage community. Such efforts demonstrate creative approaches to preserving cultural heritage in conflict zones, and illuminate the future of more efficient international cooperation.

Washington, D.C.: The Anxious City

Ever since the year began, I have been speaking to groups across Washington, D.C. about how our city is changing. My 2016 tour has taken me to all four city quadrants, addressing groups as diverse as freshman at impoverished Ward8’s Anacostia High School and retired professionals brought together in wealthy Ward 3 by the Chevy Chase D.C. Historical Society. I have discovered a profound overarching commonality among all who have turned up to listen to me despite deep differences. Everyone complains that they are losing “their” Washington; and, everyone is, to some extent, correct.