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U.S. Domestic Policy

Growing Together: Economic Ties between the United States and Mexico

Mexico Institute Launches Project Examining U.S.-Mexico Economic Ties

The impact of trade and globalization on the average American has become a core issue in this year’s elections. We have heard measured, well-founded and serious critiques on the handling of issues like currency manipulation and preparing our workforce for participation in the global economy, but the conversation has also drawn many passionate and visceral responses, highlighting the intensity with which citizens feel the impact of economic change. Due to campaign rhetoric, Mexico has come to symbolize much of the U.S. encounter with globalization.

Public Opinion and America's Next Global Priorities

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are set to have a historic clash on foreign policy. But what are the views of the American people – Democrats, Republican, and Independents – and how do these reflect or inform party platforms?

The 2016 Chicago Council Survey of American public opinion on US foreign policy will reveal the partisan divisions, as well as surprising convergences, on topics such as trade, immigration, terrorism, and climate change.

The Consequences

A Polish tale tells of a town that built a bridge but did not finish it.  Vehicles used it and, on reaching the end, fell off into the abyss. The town leaders got together to decide what to do and their response was to construct a hospital under the bridge to care for those injured as a result of their fall. Mexico's government seems to be like that: great initiatives that are not concluded, desperate actions that are not thought through and, later, consequences that are to be dealt with.

Press Briefing: Donald Trump to Meet With President Enrique Peña Nieto Today

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump will meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto today in Mexico City.

The Mexico Institute held a press briefing with Wilson Center experts to discuss the visit.

America’s Health, Innovation, Technology, and the United States Presidential Election

Addressing America’s health and healthcare is one of the challenges for the next president of the United States, since the U.S. healthcare system represents now nearly 20% of America’s GDP.
The United States takes great pride in its extraordinary health research and discoveries; excellent academic medical centers; dynamic, innovative information and communication technology sector; and, the surge in technology applications across the healthcare system.

UNEP's GEO-6 North American Report: Informing the 2030 Development Agenda

With so much focus on global environmental problems, many may wonder how their region is faring more specifically. This is the sentiment behind the United Nations Environment Program’s process for the latest iteration of its flagship assessment, the Global Environmental Outlook 6 (GEO-6). 

The Evolution of TSA: What Lies Ahead

In today’s increasingly demanding threat environment, TSA is undergoing a remarkable transformation both philosophically and operationally.  Beneath the headlines about TSA’s challenges is a security agency evolving in its approach to protecting travelers, adapting new technologies and envisioning new ways to provide transportation security. 

Brookings-Wilson Center’s “Fiscal Ship” Awarded Gold in International Competition

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