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Book Launch: A Kennan for Our Times

George F. Kennan was the leading voice in shaping the U.S. foreign policy toward Russia for the majority of the 20th century. A Kennan for Our Times: Revisiting America's Greatest 20th Century Diplomat in the 21st Century, edited by Kennan Institute Director Matthew Rojansky and Catholic University Professor Michael Kimmage, highlights his enduring legacy. It is a collection of scholarly and personal essays as well as interviews with four previous directors of the Office of Policy Planning at the U.S. Department of State, which George F. Kennan established.

What Trump and Corruption Cost Us

Watching the scandal about Ukraine unfold, I have thought often about my former colleague as a United States ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch. An experienced, thoughtful, and effective senior officer, she had made remarks about corruption that put her in the cross hairs of the Ukrainian government to which she was accredited, and was quickly removed from her post. 

Live Webcast: The Nixon Forum on U.S.-China Relations

The Nixon Forum on U.S.-China Relations brings together leading experts, many of whom contributed to President Richard Nixon’s China policy in the 1970s and to the development of U.S.-China relations over the following 40 years.

SDF's Arab Majority Rank Turkey as the Biggest Threat to NE Syria: Survey Data on America's Partner Forces

Of all the actors in the Syrian conflict, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are perhaps the most misunderstood party. Five years after the United States decided to partner with the SDF, gaping holes remain in our knowledge about the women and men who defeated the Islamic State (IS).

Far From Accountability a Year After the Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

“Sadly, one year later we are far from accountability for the grisly murder of Jamal inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman says he takes “full responsibility” for the “heinous crime” but insists he neither ordered it nor was aware of it beforehand. He seems to be engaged in a coverup of the truth. He has allowed the trial of eleven officials accused of carrying it out to drag on for a year with no results.

Wilson Center Establishes China Fellowship

Contact: Ryan McKenna
Phone: (202) 691-4217

Washington, DCThe Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars is pleased to announce the establishment of the Wilson China Fellowship, an initiative designed to build bridges between academia and policy while supporting a new generation of American scholarship on China.

Elections, Peace Talks, and U.S. Policy: What’s Next for Afghanistan?

Eighteen years after U.S. forces entered Afghanistan, the country is not only still at war—it is also in a state of flux. Its political future is uncertain, with the final results of a September 28 presidential election not expected until November. The fate of a fledgling peace and reconciliation process has been unclear since U.S. President Donald Trump called off talks with the Taliban. The direction of U.S. policy, and particularly the future American military presence, is also a major question.

Book Launch | Nuclear Crises with North Korea and Iran: From Transformational to Transactional Diplomacy

The ongoing nuclear impasses with both North Korea and Iran reflect a persisting tension in U.S. policy: Should diplomacy be transactional, focused narrowly on the discrete nuclear challenge, or transformational, comprehensively addressing these regimes’ objectionable behavior? Rhetorically, with both North Korea and Iran, the Trump administration aspires for the transformational. Breaking the impasses requires a pivot from a transformational strategy to the transactional.