U.S. Foreign Policy

Singapore Center Stage

There was something inevitable about the choice of Singapore as a venue for the U.S.-North Korean Summit. Still, it was not a given. The Chinese wanted the event in China. Both Koreas reportedly wanted to revisit the Kim-Moon Summit venue at the DMZ. President Trump was enamored with the show biz potential of the DMZ but was finally persuaded that he should not be seen as visiting Kim on his turf. Another potential venue, Ulan Bator in Mongolia, was too far from the center ring of international media attention.

Commentary on the Release of American Detainees from North Korea

The release of the three Americans detained in North Korea is good news for their families, first and foremost. Tony Kim, who was detained in April 2017, will get to see a grandchild for the first time, a baby born to his son while he was held in a North Korean prison on suspicion of committing “hostile acts.”

Wilson Center Experts Offer Critical Insight on Iran Nuclear Deal

Following President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, Wilson Center experts with  deep knowledge of nuclear negotiations, Iran and regional dynamics, and U.S. foreign policy are available for interviews and briefings.

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