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Public Diplomacy and the Evolution of U.S.-Japan Relations

Among experts, the concept of “public diplomacy” is getting more ambiguous and problematic. It has been long time since such a new concept as “New Public Diplomacy” has come into vogue, with the multiplication of non-state actors and the emergence of new digital technologies. However, at the time when diplomacy has become more multidimensional and public engagement has become the “whole of government diplomacy”, what are the quintessential properties of “public diplomacy” per se?

What Do Mexicans Think of NAFTA and the United States? New Polling Partnership with Buendía & Laredo

The Mexico Institute is pleased to announce a new partnership with Buendía & Laredo, a polling firm located in Mexico City, Mexico.

The Mexico Institute and Buendía & Laredo will periodically publish polling data on Mexican opinion of the United States, as well as other topics related to the U.S.-Mexico relationship.

This page will be updated with the survey reports and related analysis.

New Polling Data from Mexico: Does Positive Opinion of the U.S. Depend on Progress in NAFTA Talks?

Mike Pompeo's First China Briefing

This article was originally published on Chinafile.

Olga Oliker: "Russia Is Left Holding the Bag on Syria"

In a Russia File conversation with Olga Oliker, we discuss Russia’s foreign policy choices against the background of uncertainty as to where and how the United States plans to be active.


Do you think Rex Tillerson’s dismissal has anything to do with Russia? What would a former CIA director would be like as secretary of state?


Vladimir Putin: Movie Star, Master Tactician

Movie star? Master tactician? Man bent on power and popularity? Who is Vladimir Putin? On the eve of the presidential election in Russia, in which Putin is expected to secure another easy win, journalist Mikhail Zygar analyzes the nature of the longtime leader, considers what to expect in his would-be final term, and even peers into the seemingly impossible: succession. That's this episode of Wilson Center NOW.


Saudi Crown Prince Visits Washington to Revitalize Strained U.S.-Saudi “Marriage”

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is visiting the U.S. to address key issues with President Trump and to also attract American investors. This comes at a time where the kingdom has also been seeking closer ties with Russia and China for its security and energy needs. The upcoming trip highlights the turning point in U.S.-Saudi relations.


The Trump-Kim Summit: High Stakes, Uncertain Prospects

In a high-stakes diplomatic gamble, President Trump has accepted an invitation to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un – and the dramatic development raises crucial questions:

Could this summit lead to meaningful constraints on North Korea’s nuclear program? What are the attitudes of China and South Korea toward bilateral U.S.-North Korean diplomacy? What preparatory work must be done to ensure a successful summit? And what would be the criteria for success?