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Treatment of American POWs in North Vietnam

One of the twenty eight American POWs released by the Viet Cong on February 12, 1973.  Source

CWIHP e-Dossier No. 30

Dependent America? How Canada and Mexico Construct U.S. Power

Following the acclaimed Uncle Sam and Us (2002) and the influential Does North America Exist? (2008), Stephen Clarkson—the preeminent analyst of North America’s political economy—and Matto Mildenberger turn continental scholarship on its head by showing how Canada and Mexico contribute to the United States’ wealth, security, and global power.

NKIDP Offsite Conference: “North Korea’s Cold War”

The North Korea International Documentation Project and The Ohio State University are pleased to announce an upcoming conference entitled North Korea’s Cold War.

Perhaps no country in the modern era has perplexed Western observers as much as North Korea, a nation whose extraordinary secrecy and internal repression has generally prevented scholars from exploring its Cold War experience. As a result, the country remains to many an enigma, a land of provocation and intrigue that is often criticized but rarely understood.

Book Discussion: The Educational Legacy of Woodrow Wilson

In The Educational Legacy of Woodrow Wilson: From College to Nation, James Axtell brings together essays by eight leading historians and one historically minded political scientist to examine the long, formative academic phase of Wilson’s career and its connection to his relatively brief tenure in politics.  Together, the essays provide a greatly revised picture of Wilson’s whole career and a deeply nuanced understanding of the evolution of his educational, political, and social philosophy and policies, the ordering of his values and priorities, and the seamless li

Landmark Kennan Biography Chronicles Complex Life of Early Cold Warrior


Drawing on extensive interviews with George Kennan and exclusive access to his personal papers, John Lewis Gaddis, former Wilson Center fellow and Robert A. Lovett Professor of Military and Naval History at Yale University, will discuss his latest book, George F. Kennan: An American Life , which delivers a revelatory biography of its troubled mastermind.

Accounting for Culture in the Military: Implications for Future Humanitarian Cooperation

This one-day conference focuses on the U.S. military’s efforts to develop cultural expertise.