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Globalization and America's Trade Agreements

Globalization and America’s Trade Agreements is a valuable guide for newcomers to trade policy and a challenging critique of trade policy for those already knowledgeable. In this book, William Krist reviews the impact of the United States’ complex trade agreements of the past 25 years and examines the issues in recent rounds of GATT/WTO negotiations and numerous free trade agreements. He describes agreements’ frameworks and historical contexts, economists’ approaches to agreements, and the effect of historical trade experiences on economic theory.

Origins of the Suez Crisis: Postwar Development Diplomacy and the Struggle over Third World Industrialization, 1945–1956

Origins of the Suez Crisis describes the long run-up to the 1956 Suez Crisis and the crisis itself by focusing on politics, economics, and foreign policy decisions in Egypt, Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union. Based on Arabic source material, as well as multilingual documents from Israeli, Soviet, Czech, American, Indian, and British archives, this is the first historical narrative to discuss the interaction among all of the players involved-rather than simply British and U.S. perspectives.

Religion and Politics in Europe and the United States: Transnational Historical Approaches

Religion and Politics in Europe and the United States compares the dynamic relationships between religion and public life in the United States and Europe from the early modern era to today by examining a series of public issues for which religious arguments have often been crucial. Recognizing the discrete roles religion plays in American and European politics, the project presents a portrait of its historical influences on the development of law, technology, ethnicity, war, and perceptions of democracy.

Housing Policies in the U.S. and Korea: Balancing Affordability with Financial Viability

The Wilson Center is organizing this seminar in collaboration with the Land and Housing Institute (LHI), Korea Land and Housing Corporation, based in Seoul, Korea, as a part of a comprehensive study and exchange of affordable housing policies in the U.S. to inform Korean policies and programs. A panel of experts will examine best practices as well as limitations found in U.S. housing policies and will highlight patterns in programming.

Works in Progress: All the Truth is Out & State of Siege

On this encore episode of Dialogue at the Wilson Center we present two works in progress from former Wilson Center Public Policy Scholars.  Our first guest is Matt Bai.

The Woodrow Wilson Center Announces 2013 – 2014 Fellowship Class

WASHINGTON—Jane Harman, director, president & CEO of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, announced the members of the 2013-2014 fellowship class. The 21 fellows, most of whom are expected to start September 2013 to spend an academic year in residence at the Center, include scholars and practitioners from the United States, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.

Fall 2013 CWIHP Internship Opportunities


The Cold War International History Project (CWIHP) at the Woodrow Wilson Center is currently accepting internship applications for the Fall 2013 academic semester.

How Geography Explains the United States

Do Americans have a worldview? And is there a central organizing principle that explains it? To frame the question in Tolkienesque terms: Might there be one explanation that rules them all?

I think there is.

Sigmund Freud argued that in the human enterprise, anatomy is destiny. In the affairs of nations, geography -- what it wills, demands, and bestows -- is destiny too.

Wilson Forum - Human Trafficking and a Regional Look at the Post-Soviet World

On this episode of Wilson Forum William Pomeranz, Acting Director of the Kennan Institute, discusses political and economic trends in post-Soviet countries.  Lauren McCarthy, research scholar with the Kennan Institute, discusses continuing problems with human trafficking and slave labor in the Russian Federation.  The event was attended by students from The Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program.

The Senate and Nonproliferation: Reflections over Two Decades

The Woodrow Wilson Center and the Los Alamos National Laboratory
"The Senate and Nonproliferation: Reflections over Two Decades"

 Thomas Moore
Deputy Director, Proliferation Prevention Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies;

former Senior Republican Professional Staff Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee