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American Politics Caught in a “Russian Trap”

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A “Trump Doctrine” on Russia and Ukraine?

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UNEP's GEO-6 North American Report: Informing the 2030 Development Agenda

With so much focus on global environmental problems, many may wonder how their region is faring more specifically. This is the sentiment behind the United Nations Environment Program’s process for the latest iteration of its flagship assessment, the Global Environmental Outlook 6 (GEO-6). 

The Evolution of TSA: What Lies Ahead

In today’s increasingly demanding threat environment, TSA is undergoing a remarkable transformation both philosophically and operationally.  Beneath the headlines about TSA’s challenges is a security agency evolving in its approach to protecting travelers, adapting new technologies and envisioning new ways to provide transportation security. 

North American Leaders Meet: The Agenda

Ambassador Tony Wayne describes the ambitious agenda for the recent North American Leaders Summit.

Allies Puzzled, A Few Panic, Over Trump

"Foreign governments are used to the game of chess that happens in Washington every four years. Though many diplomats and heads of state have political preferences, they're usually content to celebrate whomever moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That's because the world of foreign affairs along Embassy Row in Washington, D.C. runs on century-long alliances, treaties, and predictability.

It's a formula that Donald Trump is threatening to disrupt.