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CEF Director Jennifer Turner was Interviewed by Vice News on China’s Air Pollution from Coal-burning

A newly released National Resources Defense Council’s report said 670,000 people died in 2012 because of air pollution generated by coal burning in China. CEF Director Jennifer Turner, when commenting the coal-driven air pollution problem in a Vice News report, emphasized the role of the U.S. consumption in driving China's coal use. “Twenty-five percent of China's electricity production goes to making products for export," said Turner. Also, she pointed out the coal-water choke points China is facing.

Full report at: http://bit.ly/1szuSTO

Brazil Institute Annual Report 2011-2013

Highlighting all major events, Awards Dinners and Special Initiatives, the 2011-2013 Report of Activities gives a comprehensive report on what the Brazil Institute has done in the last two years. 


What’s Next? Celebrating 20 Years of the Environmental Change and Security Program

Global crises like the Ebola outbreak force us to consider what “security” really means, said Sharon Burke, senior advisor for the New America Foundation. “Is security getting our kids to school and food on the table…or are you talking about military security and defense threats that require a weapon to counter?”