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CES 5 Meeting Summaries, pp. 93-136

19 July 2001--Renewable Energy in China
5 September 2001--NGO Conservation Work in Tibet and Western Sichuan
20 November 2001--U.S.-Japan Environmental Cooperation: Promoting Sustainable Development in China
12 December 2001--(R)evolution in Rural China
1 February 2002--Powering Up the Dragon: World Bank and NGO Energy Efficency Projects in China
26 February 2002--Green Activism and Civil Society Development in South Korea
6 March 2002--Tokyo Workshop on U.S.-Japan Environmental Cooperation

CES 5 Inventory of Environmental and Energy Projects in China, pp. 137-227

- U.S. Government Activities
- U.S. Nongovernmental Organization Activities
- U.S. Universities and Professional Associations
- Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong Nongovernmental Organizations and Research Centers
- Bilateral Government Activities

Green NGO and Environmental Journalist Forum Report (2001)

Bilingual proceedings from a workshop held by the Wilson Center's ECSP China Environment Forum and Hong Kong University.