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Enough! Emerging U.S. and African Leadership on Food Security

"Looking into the eyes of someone dying of hunger becomes the disease of the soul," remarked Roger Thurow, one of the authors of Enough! Why the World's Poorest Starve in an Age of Plenty. On Wednesday, July 29, Thurow was joined by co-author and fellow Wall Street Journal Reporter Scott Kilman, as well as Franklin Moore of the US Agency for International Development's Africa Bureau and Ambassador Bockari Stevens, the Ambassador of Sierra Leone to the United States, for an engaging presentation and discussion centered on food security and agricultural development in Africa.

Briefing on the Humanitarian Impact of Drought in the Horn of Africa

The Africa Program and the Environmental Change and Security Project at the Wilson Center are pleased to join Islamic Relief in inviting you to a special briefing on recent developments in the humanitarian crisis caused by the ongoing drought and famine in the Horn of Africa. Hany Abdel Gawad El Banna and Seyed Rizwan Mowlana will present the findings of a recent assessment conducted by Islamic Relief in late March, which covered drought-stricken regions of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Sudan.

Trends in U.S. Support for Conservation and Development: A Historical Look at USAID's Environment Programs

The Africa Program and the Environmental Change and Security Program are pleased to invite you to an informal discussion with Catherine Corson, 2005 Africanist Doctoral Candidate Fellow. She will be discussing her research on the history of and key influences on the development of USAID's environmental programs.

Defusing the Bomb: Overcoming Pakistan's Population Challenge

This event was organized by the Asia Program and Environmental Change and Security Program, and had additional co-sponsorship from the Comparative Urban Studies Project.

This conference was made possible through the generosity of the Fellowship Fund for Pakistan.

Land Grab: The Race for the World's Farmland

The world is experiencing a grain rush. With increasing frequency, wealthy, food-importing, and water-scarce countries—particularly the Arab Gulf states and the rich countries of East Asia—are investing in farmland overseas to meet food security needs. Similarly, the private sector is pursuing farmland deals abroad, with many investors perceiving land as a safe investment in an otherwise shaky financial climate.

Running on Empty: Pakistan's Water Crisis

"Water shortages," warns the British scholar Anatol Lieven, "present the greatest future threat to the viability of Pakistan as a state and a society." While this assertion may be overblown, one can hardly dispute its underlying premise: Pakistan's water situation is extremely precarious. Water availability has plummeted from about 5,000 cubic meters per capita in the early 1950s to less than 1500 m3 per capita today.