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A Year of Insight and Impact: Annual Report, 2017-18

The Wilson Center has reached the 50-year milestone. This report celebrates our greatest achievements during the anniversary year.


Wilson Center at 50: Living Memorial Celebrates Half-Century of Public Service

As the Wilson Center celebrates its 50th anniversary, Wilson Center NOW looks back at the Center’s history with Robert S. Litwak, Senior Vice President and Director of International Security Studies. From the vantage point of Litwak's more than three-decade career at the Center, we discuss the organization’s impact and relevance past, present, and future.  We also learn about what sets the Wilson Center apart from other DC institutions and how it has evolved since its founding in October of 1968.


Water @ Wilson: 50 Years of Water, Conflict, and Cooperation


50 Years of Water at Wilson: Water, Conflict, and Cooperation (Part 1 of 2)


VIDEO | The Life of a Living Memorial

From idea to reality, from the Smithsonian Castle to Pennsylvania Avenue, and from traditional research to a modern, digital presence, the Wilson Center has expanded and evolved over its 50 years. Former Deputy Director Samuel Wells traces the life of this “living memorial” in three short videos.

The Wilson Center Celebrates 50 Years of Impact

Today, the Wilson Center has reached a milestone. Exactly fifty years ago, on October 24, we received a Congressional mandate to open our doors to Washington and the world. Along with that mandate, we had a vision to bridge the domains of scholarship and policymaking for the public good.

Q&A with Dr. Carla Hayden on the Digitization of Woodrow Wilson's Papers

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Coming Soon: The Wilson Quarterly’s Anniversary Edition



In honor of the Wilson Center’s 50th birthday, its award-winning digital magazine, The Wilson Quarterly, announces a special anniversary edition!

Launching this November, the issue will feature essays by: