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Women's Leadership

Young Women Lead the Way in MENA

The most recent Arab Youth Survey 2019 published by Asda'a BCW in in the United Arab Emirates shows that economic woes continue to preoccupy today’s Arab youth with the high cost of living and unemployment topping the list of the “biggest obstacles” facing the region.

IT Connection: Leveraging Technology to Serve Youth and Jobs

I am an Omani female entrepreneur who had a strong passion and curiosity in technology since a young age. My interest in technology started in the old internet age when people used to connect to the internet through Dial-Up and communicate using platform such as MSN and Yahoo messengers. I was always eager to learn about how computer software works and the way that they are designed and built. I wanted to understand the computer language the programming aspect of it.

Youth Shaping the Future: An Emirati Perspective on Youth Empowerment

In one of the most turbulent parts of the world, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) grew to become a beacon of hope for young people. According to the 11th annual Arab Youth survey, for the eighth consecutive year, young Arabs chose the UAE as the number one country to live in. The survey highlights that unemployment and the rising cost of living are the main concerns of Arab youth.

Mariam’s Journey: Why I am Helping People Rise

My father always told me “women should stay at home, it is where they belong”. I grew up hearing that education is useless and that girls my age were already married with children. My father, a traditional-minded old-fashioned 81 year old, always told me that a woman belonged at her husband’s house. He frequently told me that I was not good enough, and insisted on pulling me out of school. This made me too scared to do anything about the problems I kept witnessing every single day in my community since it would only make him angrier at me, so I just turned a blind eye.

Towards Long Term Sustainable Solutions to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

UNHCR's new report published this week estimates that by the end of 2018, "almost 70.8 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, or human rights violations.” This is another record high number and a stark reminder of the magnitude of the global refugee crisis.

Interview with Robeyoncé Lima, a Voice for Pernambuco’s LGBTQ+

This interview is also available in Portuguese, following the English version below / A entrevista está disponível em português, sob a versão em inglês.

Displaced in Yemen: Stories of Hardship and Hope

My name is Warda (Rose in Arabic) and I am a community activist in Yemen. I began my work with many local institutions in Aden in 2011 first as a volunteer and later on as an executive director of the Fikr Foundation for Development. After gaining sufficient experience in the field and driven by a sense of responsibility towards my community particularly its women members, I set up my own organization, Yad Bi Yad (Hand-in-Hand) for Development in 2015.