Even in Snowden-friendly Brazil, Asylum may be “bridge too far”

           Lourdes Garcia-Navarro – NPR, 1/8/2014

Paulo Sotero was quoted in the article stating that Rousseff “obviously was very upset about the revelations, but values Brazil-U.S. relations and knows how important it is to cultivate that relationship, especially in that moment that Brazil is starting to face some tough economic [issues] and needs to integrate its economy with advanced countries, especially the United States."

Dilma needs Davos more than Davos needs Dilma

            Paulo Sotero - The Financial Times, 1/23/2014

Paulo Sotero, Director of the Brazil Institute, shared his views on Dilma’s unexpected attendance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, explaining that, “Davos confronts the Brazilian leader with two challenges. First, she must use the WEF to recognise and address the international business community’s concerns about the direction of her government’s economic policies and refrain from using the Forum to score political points at home.”