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The continuing advancement of scholarship is a pillar of the Kennan Institute’s mission. The Kennan Institute has long supported the work of scholars-in-residence and alumni by funding specific research projects and scholarly events. It now is establishing a specific category of grant awards available exclusively to Kennan alumni to support continuing research, publications, conferences, and other policy relevant scholarly work

Kennan alumni include any scholar who has previously been in residence at the Kennan Institute for a period of one month or longer. All former Woodrow Wilson Fellows and other Wilson Center scholars who have been affiliated with the Kennan Institute during their time at the Center also are eligible to apply for this grant.

Kennan alumni are invited to submit a proposal for grant support for the following activities:

  • Conducting field research, including travel costs
  • Writing, editing, and publication of books/monographs that are already in an advanced state of development
  • Organizing policy-relevant scholarly conferences

Grants may be sought to continue work previously conducted while in residence at the Kennan Institute or to pursue new projects. Limited salary support may also be included in the application. Grants will not be awarded to support merely attending or speaking at conferences, and will not be approved for projects that are suited to a competitive, residential fellowship (please review available fellowships here:


Candidates submitting applications should specify whether they are seeking field research, writing, or conference support. Candidates should provide a 2-3 page description of their proposed activities, with an emphasis on the timeliness of the project, its broader impact on policy discourse, and the value for policymakers. 

Each proposal should include a budget that identifies how the funds will be expended. Candidates should submit budgets approximately between $2,000 and $10,000, although in exceptional cases, the Kennan Institute will consider grants of up to $15,000. Applications should be sent to:

The goal is to make this grant program as widely available as possible to Kennan Alumni, supporting their policy-relevant scholarly work and career development. Therefore, candidates should be prepared to receive less than the requested amount.  

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. A final written summary of the research conducted or a conference report will be required under this grant. All publications and conferences must recognize support from the Kennan Institute Alumni Grant Program in all outreach materials.

Deadline: Rolling