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What Money Means for Terrorism in Africa

Dec 14, 2018
In this co-authored policy brief, Dr. Benjamin P. Nickels and Mr. Samuel E. Cleaves examine the ‘meaning of money’ and the role it plays in terrorism in Africa. They provide policy recommendations on how countering financial terrorism (CFT) specialists can more effectively target terrorist groups by following the ‘meaning of money’ through incorporating CFT into comprehensive counterterrorism approaches, in addition to the creating CFT plans that communicate concern for local economies and communities.

Kujenga Amani Podcast: Dr. Monde Muyangwa Discusses Peacebuilding and Security in Africa in this New Episode!

Dec 10, 2018
Listen to Africa Program Director Dr. Monde Muyangwa discuss the field of peacebuilding and security in Africa, as well as the importance of local ownership in peacebuilding efforts in Kujenga Amani's newest podcast.

The Role of the Business Sector in Peacebuilding in Africa

Oct 22, 2018
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 -
10:30 to 12:00
The Wilson Center's Africa Program hosted a discussion on “The Role of the Business Sector in Peacebuilding in Africa."