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North Korea International Documentation Project - The Latest

North Korea Revelations from the Polish Archives: Nukes, Succession and, Security

Apr 02, 2019
Marek Hańderek introduces 24 Polish documents that provide insights into North Korean foreign and security policies, the succession of Kim Jong Il, and the origins of the DPRK's nuclear program.

2019 Nuclear History Boot Camp Participants

Mar 28, 2019
Announcing the participants in the 2019 Nuclear History Boot Camp, a program organized by the Wilson Center and the University of Roma Tre.

The Origins of North Korea-Vietnam Solidarity: The Vietnam War and the DPRK

Feb 21, 2019
Drawing on diverse sources from around the world, Benjamin R. Young argues that Kim Il Sung inserted North Korea into the Vietnam War in order to strengthen his own international reputation and to consolidate his domestic control.

Wilson Center-Kyungnam University Workshop on Contemporary Korean History

Jan 24, 2019
The Wilson Center’s History and Public Policy Program and the University of North Korean Studies, at Kyungnam University, in cooperation with the Wilson Center’s Asia Program/Hyundai Motor-Korea Foundation Center, hosted a workshop this past fall to recognize the collaboration and partnership between the two organizations.

North Korean Military Engineer Regiment Helped Build Secret Underground Headquarters Complex during the Vietnam War

Jan 17, 2019
Newly available Vietnamese documents reveal that in 1965 North Korea dispatched an engineer regiment to North Vietnam to help the North Vietnamese construct a secret underground headquarters complex.

An Underutilized Bonanza: Using Existing Oral Histories vs. Conducting One’s Own Interviews

Jan 17, 2019
A reminder that already existing oral histories are an invaluable and underutilized resource for studying international relations history.

North Korea and the Stasi Archives

Oct 24, 2018
East German Stasi files from the 1980s paint a contradictory picture of ideological discord and solidarity between the GDR and the DPRK, while also revealing North Korea’s reactions to a rapidly changing world.

North Korea and Grenada: Unlikely Allies United by Anti-Imperialism, 1979-1983

Sep 06, 2018
Benjamin R. Young explains why, for a fleeting moment, North Korea saw the small Caribbean spice island of Grenada as the front line of the global struggle against US imperialism.

Declassified Documents Shed Light on Long, Complicated Negotiations over Korean Armistice Agreement

Jul 25, 2018
Declassified documents from Russia, China, Poland, the United States and South Korea shed light on North Korean, Soviet and Chinese strategic thinking toward the conflict and the armistice.

21 Newly Translated Soviet Documents on North Korea, 1968-1969

Jun 05, 2018
21 documents from the archives of the former Soviet Union offer glimpse into North Korea's foreign relations, domestic politics in 1968-1969.