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Elections, Peace Talks, and U.S. Policy: What’s Next for Afghanistan?

Date & Time

Oct. 10, 2019
1:00pm – 2:30pm ET


6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center
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Eighteen years after U.S. forces entered Afghanistan, the country is not only still at war—it is also in a state of flux. Its political future is uncertain, with the final results of a September 28 presidential election not expected until November. The fate of a fledgling peace and reconciliation process has been unclear since U.S. President Donald Trump called off talks with the Taliban.

The direction of U.S. policy, and particularly the future American military presence, is also a major question. This event took stock of Afghanistan’s various challenges amid so much uncertainty; discussed what we can expect to see in the coming weeks and months; and considered the best—and worst—ways forward for Kabul and Washington.

Image: AP Photo/Rahmat Gul.

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Indo-Pacific Program

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