China Mainland News

Review: Peter Navarro's ‘Crouching Tiger’

Feb 11, 2016
Former Financial Times bureau chief in Beijing and Washington and Kissinger Institute Fellow, Richard McGregor reviews 'Crouching Tiger', by Peter Navarro

Between Bullying and Flattery: A Theory on Chinese Politics

Feb 02, 2016
Whether bullying or flattering the top leader, China’s bureaucracy always has its own interests at heart.

The Case for a Two-Track U.S. Approach to North Korea

Jan 20, 2016
Robert Daly writes that, whether through sanctions or dialogue, the United States should be prepared to act with and without China.

Call for Papers: The Smaller European Powers and China in the Cold War, 1949-1989

Jan 15, 2016
Papers are sought for an upcoming conference, The Smaller European Powers and China in the Cold War, 1949-1989, hosted by the University of Lausanne, 18-19 November 2016.

U.S.–China Relations in 2016: What to Expect

Jan 07, 2016
China’s stock market is making headlines in the early days of 2016. While economic issues will continue to be an important focus, Kissinger Institute Director Robert Daly provides a preview of what else we might expect in the realm of U.S.–China relations in the new year.

Chinese Foreign Policy Database Awarded Luce Grant

Dec 07, 2015
The Cold War International History Project (CWIHP) is the recipient of a two-year grant from the Henry Luce Foundation for the project “Expanding the Chinese Foreign Policy Documents Database.”

The TPP Remains Key to U.S. Engagement in the Asia-Pacific Region

Nov 23, 2015
For U.S. companies that are already heavily engaged in Asia, the benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are, obviously, lower tariffs, higher standards of protection of critical interests (including intellectual property rights), and easier customs processing. What is more, U.S. companies that are the most successful in the Asia-Pacific region are those that are already competitive and are the driving force for future growth, from major manufacturers to service providers. At the same time, the TPP will increase the allure of the United States as a marketplace for Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore as well as Brunei, offering consumers more choices and lower costs.

With Little at Stake in Paris, China Preaches Peace from the Sidelines

Nov 19, 2015
China’s sympathetic response toward the Paris attacks is tempered by its reluctance to engage more closely in Middle Eastern affairs, but longer-term political and economic considerations may complicate its policy of noninvolvement.

Cybersecurity treaties may be nice, but it’s really every country for itself

Nov 11, 2015
As significant as a cyber arms-control agreement to ban attacks on critical infrastructure might be, the necessary complement to it is effective cyber defense mechanisms.