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Killing Jihadist Hackers Sets a Flawed Precedent

Feb 02, 2016
More and more, state and pseudo-state actors will draw on digital irregulars: patriotic or jihadist hacktivists, civilians with spare time and a working knowledge of the Internet. The anti-Islamic State coalition is setting a model for those wars, whoever fights them.

Milestones in Digital Terrorism

Jan 07, 2016
Global terrorism is increasingly characterized by online activity; counterterrorism today requires understanding an adversary’s new media and cyber capabilities. Terror organizations hack and tweet in order to recruit, fundraise, promote ideologies, and coordinate kinetic attacks. With that in mind, the Digital Futures Project is compiling a timeline of milestones in digital terrorism, including the release of encryption programs and OpSec manuals for jihadists, instances of financial fraud, and doxes, among other incidents. Items are tagged with keywords to indicate the event category, followed by brief summaries.

The Ashley Madison Way of War

Jan 06, 2016
"Doxxing — the malicious disclosure of personal information — may be an old Internet habit, but we live in its golden age," Grayson Clary writes.

The encryption fight is overblown

Nov 20, 2015
"We must demand that law enforcement agencies be as innovative as their targets. To start, this means reinvesting in old-school human intelligence," writes Meg King.

Cybersecurity treaties may be nice, but it’s really every country for itself

Nov 11, 2015
As significant as a cyber arms-control agreement to ban attacks on critical infrastructure might be, the necessary complement to it is effective cyber defense mechanisms.

The shocking mediocrity of Islamic State 'hacker' Junaid Hussain

Oct 27, 2015
"But his example is sobering because he was trivial, not exceptional. Anyone can learn to do what Hussain could do. Going forward, given his celebrity, more jihadists likely will," writes Meg King and Grayson Clary.

CIA Director’s Email Hacked

Oct 20, 2015
Following reports that CIA Director John Brennan’s email had been hacked, we asked Meg King to explain the implications.

Advice for Congress, the weakest link in cybersecurity

Oct 19, 2015
"We need a public sector ready to make the case that privacy does not come at the expense of security, prosperity, and the open flow of ideas," writes Jane Harman.

The Xi-Obama Meeting: Outcomes and Expectations

Oct 16, 2015
The meeting between President Xi and President Obama has come and gone leaving in its wake opinions on outcomes and expectations. Kissinger Institute Director Robert Daly helps us sort through the details and also provides thoughts on how China views the TPP agreement.

America is losing the digital war against the Islamic State

Jul 17, 2015
"Online, we move too slowly and know too little to combat this generation of Web-native jihadists. We’ve failed to mobilize tech and messaging talent to counter the Islamic State on social media," writes Jane Harman.