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Call for Papers: The Smaller European Powers and China in the Cold War, 1949-1989

Jan 15, 2016
Papers are sought for an upcoming conference, The Smaller European Powers and China in the Cold War, 1949-1989, hosted by the University of Lausanne, 18-19 November 2016.

Swiss Day: Can Central Banks Save the Global Economy?

Dec 14, 2015
In the aftermath of the 2008 global economic crisis, central banks played a major role in preventing a bad situation from getting worse. And now as many economies continue to struggle, questions remain about the ongoing role of the banks and how much authority and autonomy they should have to address lingering problems. For the second annual Swiss Day event at the Wilson Center, an expert panel convened to explore these issues and to address the fundamental question: Can central banks save the global economy?

Will NATO-Russia Tensions Rise after Montenegro Invitation?

Dec 08, 2015
The collective decision of the NATO Alliance on Wednesday to extend an invitation to Montenegro to begin accession talks toward NATO membership represents formal recognition of Montenegro’s accomplishments in fulfilling a range of demanding reforms and requirements for membership over the past decade. Montenegro’s membership in the Alliance is not about attempting to provoke Russia or to counter or undermine Russia’s interests. Although the “historic” decision comes at a time of high tension for the NATO-Russia relationship, the invitation results from the culmination of a process that was initiated long before the crisis in Ukraine, tensions over Syria and NATO member Turkey’s downing of the Russian aircraft.

How Naples Became Europe’s Great Musical Machine

Dec 08, 2015
Music’s hold over Naples, Italy, has remained omnipresent throughout its history. It is, in a sense, a city founded on song.

Can Hollande Lead the Fight Against ISIS?

Nov 30, 2015
Can French President Francois Hollande turn a coalition of the risk-averse, self-interested, and unwilling, into a functional coalition finally willing and ready to defeat the Islamic State? To succeed, Hollande will have to overcome four key obstacles.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane Near Syria

Nov 24, 2015
Middle East Program Director Henri Barkey comments on Turkey’s downing of a Russian fighter jet, calling it a “dangerous escalation.”

Are the Paris Attacks a “Game-Changer?”

Nov 19, 2015
Did ISIS go too far? Will the reaction to the Paris Attacks prove to be a “game-changer” that transforms the effort to combat the so-called “Islamic State?”

Wilson Center NOW Preview: Are the Paris Attacks a “Game-Changer?”

Nov 18, 2015
Are the Paris attacks a “game-changer?” The Wilson Center's Aaron David Miller provides analysis.

5 Takeaways From the Paris Attacks and the Long War Against Terrorism

Nov 16, 2015
"The fight against ISIS and global jihad is the long war. It may well be the greatest foreign policy challenge of this generation. Whether the spate of recent jihadi attacks, including those in Paris, prove to be a transformational moment or just another horrific twist in this long war remains to be seen," writes Aaron David Miller.