India News

India is Failing to Learn from Terrorist Attacks

Jan 12, 2016
Recent events highlight that New Delhi has a long way to go in addressing its security.

Strengthening a Foolproof Relationship

Dec 15, 2015
Tokyo wishes to further intensify its ties with New Delhi, particularly amid ever-growing tensions in the South China Sea and unshakeable anxiety about Beijing’s military stance.

What the Paris Climate Conference Means for South Asia

Nov 30, 2015
There are no shortages of climate change-induced nightmare scenarios in South Asia which makes the challenge all the greater for negotiators in Paris to reach a meaningful and actionable agreement.

Why India Is Key to a Climate Change Agreement in Paris

Nov 22, 2015
As world leaders gather in Paris for climate talks, expect India to play a major role in any agreement at COP21.

Defeated in Bihar: Where does the BJP go from here?

Nov 12, 2015
The resounding defeat of India’s ruling party in a key state election could send the country down a dangerous path.

Is the Honeymoon Over for Narendra Modi?

Sep 23, 2015
"India’s prime minister may be taking the world by storm, but he is suffering major setbacks at home," writes Michael Kugelman.

Evaluating the US-India Strategic Agenda

Sep 16, 2015
" The U.S. government acting alone simply does not have the resources to make much difference to economic growth in India even though India needs outside help. At times this seems hard for the Indian side to understand and even harder for the U.S. side to admit." said Raymond E. Vickery

D.C. and Delhi: Dysfunctional Democracies?

Sep 14, 2015
Has the United States, not unlike India, reached a new normal where legislative blockage is more important than addressing pending needs?

The Other Nuclear Deal

Jul 24, 2015
"The India-US civil nuclear accord proved a gamechanger for broader ties between Delhi and Washington. A decade hence, perhaps we will be able to describe the recently signed nuclear agreement with Iran in similar terms," writes Robert Hathaway.

Raymond E. Vickery Named Wilson Center Global Fellow

Jun 11, 2015
The Honorable Raymond E. Vickery, Jr., noted author on US-India relations and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce in the Clinton Administration, has been named a Global Fellow of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars for the 2015-2017 term.