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Milestones in Digital Terrorism

Jan 07, 2016
Global terrorism is increasingly characterized by online activity; counterterrorism today requires understanding an adversary’s new media and cyber capabilities. Terror organizations hack and tweet in order to recruit, fundraise, promote ideologies, and coordinate kinetic attacks. With that in mind, the Digital Futures Project is compiling a timeline of milestones in digital terrorism, including the release of encryption programs and OpSec manuals for jihadists, instances of financial fraud, and doxes, among other incidents. Items are tagged with keywords to indicate the event category, followed by brief summaries.

Did North Korea Detonate a Hydrogen Bomb?

Jan 06, 2016
Nuclear proliferation expert Robert Litwak analyzes North Korea’s claim that it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb.

Mexican Mayor Assassinated: Implications for the Debate Over the Organization of Police Forces

Jan 06, 2016
Mexico Institute Director Duncan Wood believes the assassination of Mayor Gisela Mota could have implications for the ongoing debate over how to organize Mexico’s police forces.

Facing Reality in the Long War Against Jihadis

Dec 10, 2015
"But until Arab leaders govern their own societies with representative institutions that reflect sectarian inclusion and balance, there will be jihadis with grievances against their own leaders and the West," writes Aaron David Miller.

Will ISIS Infect Bangladesh?

Dec 08, 2015
"Still, ISIS is not the biggest problem for Bangladesh. The biggest problem is an alarming rise in extremist violence more broadly. Debating whether terror attacks are carried out directly by ISIS or simply inspired by ISIS detracts from the chief need of the hour: To stop attacks, many of them not linked to ISIS at all, from happening altogether," writes Michael Kugelman and Atif Jalal Ahmad.

Will NATO-Russia Tensions Rise after Montenegro Invitation?

Dec 08, 2015
The collective decision of the NATO Alliance on Wednesday to extend an invitation to Montenegro to begin accession talks toward NATO membership represents formal recognition of Montenegro’s accomplishments in fulfilling a range of demanding reforms and requirements for membership over the past decade. Montenegro’s membership in the Alliance is not about attempting to provoke Russia or to counter or undermine Russia’s interests. Although the “historic” decision comes at a time of high tension for the NATO-Russia relationship, the invitation results from the culmination of a process that was initiated long before the crisis in Ukraine, tensions over Syria and NATO member Turkey’s downing of the Russian aircraft.

Can Hollande Lead the Fight Against ISIS?

Nov 30, 2015
Can French President Francois Hollande turn a coalition of the risk-averse, self-interested, and unwilling, into a functional coalition finally willing and ready to defeat the Islamic State? To succeed, Hollande will have to overcome four key obstacles.

With Russia, Belligerence Is Easy, Peacemaking Is Tough

Nov 30, 2015
"As long as Russia’s appetite for military force has been growing, Russia’s ability to use soft power, never large in the first place, has been diminishing," writes Maxim Trudolyubov.

An Unnecessary Crisis

Nov 28, 2015
Henri Barkey gives some possible reasons behind this week’s high-stakes standoff between Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin.