Terrorism News

Tough Choices in Afghanistan

Feb 04, 2016
More than fourteen years after routing the Taliban, and seven years after President Barack Obama, pledging to wind up the war, entered the White House, the United States faces another turning point in the seemingly endless conflict in Afghanistan.

To Defeat ISIS, Listen to the Women

Feb 01, 2016
A new, positive trend is on the horizon: the role of women, not just as victims of ISIS, but as powerful change agents to reverse the tide of terrorism, writes Tara Sonenshine.

Former Scholar Hussain Nadim Recognized in Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 Law and Policy Global Leaders

Jan 21, 2016
Former visiting scholar Hussain Nadim has been recognized by Forbes Magazine in it's 30 Under 30 list of global leaders in Law and Policy for his work with the Asia Program at the Wilson Center.

India is Failing to Learn from Terrorist Attacks

Jan 12, 2016
Recent events highlight that New Delhi has a long way to go in addressing its security.

The Ashley Madison Way of War

Jan 06, 2016
"Doxxing — the malicious disclosure of personal information — may be an old Internet habit, but we live in its golden age," Grayson Clary writes.

Fallout From Saudi Cleric’s Execution Underscores Mideast Challenges

Jan 03, 2016
It would be irrational to conclude that U.S. actions and inactions hadn’t contributed to the messes in the Middle East. But the region’s challenges are rooted in internal, religious, and sectarian problems that are not amenable or conducive to U.S. military power or political persuasion; and they are spread among allies who have their own needs and agendas. Three recent events underscore this.

The Longest War

Jan 03, 2016
"Even if Islamic State is dealt a devastating defeat, it is just the current chapter in a line of modern concepts of jihadism since Iran's 1979 revolution. Three broad trends indicate that the fight to overcome this strain of violence will be a long one," writes Henri Barkey.

Facing Reality in the Long War Against Jihadis

Dec 10, 2015
"But until Arab leaders govern their own societies with representative institutions that reflect sectarian inclusion and balance, there will be jihadis with grievances against their own leaders and the West," writes Aaron David Miller.

Will ISIS Infect Bangladesh?

Dec 08, 2015
"Still, ISIS is not the biggest problem for Bangladesh. The biggest problem is an alarming rise in extremist violence more broadly. Debating whether terror attacks are carried out directly by ISIS or simply inspired by ISIS detracts from the chief need of the hour: To stop attacks, many of them not linked to ISIS at all, from happening altogether," writes Michael Kugelman and Atif Jalal Ahmad.

New research on political Islam in Bangladesh

Dec 08, 2015
The Asia Program has published new research on political Islam in Bangladesh, conducted in Dhaka over the summer of 2015.