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A Whiff of Panic in the Kremlin as Russia’s Economy Sinks Further

Feb 04, 2016
If the government loses its head in this crisis, the Russian people are bound to follow. That is Putin’s worst-case scenario.

North America needs to North America

Jan 29, 2016
In this U.S. election year, it is important to shift the conversation to the importance of U.S. relations with Mexico and Canada. This editorial, by the former Canadian ambassador to the U.S., the former Mexican ambassador to the U.S., and the former U.S. ambassador to Mexico, believes that their governments should focus on advancing trilateral relations in the business sector and improve collaboration in the security conversation over illegal trafficking, extremism, and terrorism. The Wilson Center will launch an initiative this year to highlight the importance of North American co-operation and provide proposals for action.

How Resilient is the Global Economy?

Jan 28, 2016
With oil prices continuing to drop and China attempting to manage its economic slowdown, the US stock market and global markets have been jolted. Meg Lundsager and Kent Hughes discuss the resiliency of the global economy as it’s tested on many fronts.

TPP Countries Will Scrutinize Partners’ Exchange Rate Policies

Nov 23, 2015
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) does not include binding disciplines against unfair currency practices. Other countries would not sign on to an agreement that includes sanctions against such practices. Instead, TPP countries have issued a “Joint Declaration of the Macroeconomic Policy Authorities of TPP Countries”—a “side agreement” to the TPP—stating that they wish to promote “market-determined and transparent exchange rate regimes that allow real exchange rates to adjust to reflect underlying economic fundamentals.” Each country states that it will refrain from competitive devaluation of its currency.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: What’s New, What’s Not, What’s Next

Nov 23, 2015
Depending on the source, the TPP has been praised (or panned) as the best (or worst) trade agreement ever negotiated and is regarded as radically different (or nothing new). Which is it? Superlatives aside, there is something in the TPP for everyone—critics and fans alike. The following overview is a guide to what is and is not new in the TPP, and what is next for the United States as a potential TPP participant. It also provides a context for the more specific analyses provided by Wilson scholars Meg Lundsager, Shihoko Goto, and Christopher Wilson.

China's Inroads into the West

Nov 05, 2015
In his article “China’s Inroads into the West,” Global Fellow Nicola Casarini discusses the possible development of new trades routes between China and the EU including the ‘one belt, one road’ (OBOR) initiative. Casarini highlights the impact struggling Chinese markets have on Europe and the Euro, and notes that China is investing in European infrastructure to increase trade access.

Key Facts about Mexico's Southern Border States

Nov 04, 2015
This infographic illustrates key facts about Mexico's southern Border States

Private Rule-Making in the TTIP: The Role of Standard Setting

Nov 03, 2015
In her piece “Private Rule-Making in the TTIP: The Role of Standard Setting,” Global Europe Fellow Michelle Egan discusses the regulatory differences in American and European trade standards. Egan breaks down regulatory mechanisms in both the EU and US, and analyzes potential points of tension in future rounds of negotiations.

Could the TPP Actually Divide Asia?

Oct 22, 2015
"There is reason to worry that the trade deal may actually lead to increased tensions in the region, and not just between Washington and Beijing," writes Shihoko Goto.