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Deciphering Iran’s Prisoner Swap and Broader Communication

Jan 17, 2016
The prisoner exchange appears to be another sign that President Hassan Rouhani’s more moderate approach to foreign policy is meeting with some success, writes Haleh Esfandiari.

Taiwan: A Democratic Success

Jan 16, 2016
The people of Taiwan have once again demonstrated the vitality and vibrancy of their democracy. Congratulations to President-elect Tsai Ing-wen and the other successful candidates in the election held earlier today.

Call for Papers: The Smaller European Powers and China in the Cold War, 1949-1989

Jan 15, 2016
Papers are sought for an upcoming conference, The Smaller European Powers and China in the Cold War, 1949-1989, hosted by the University of Lausanne, 18-19 November 2016.

The Month in U.S.-China Relations (November/December) 中美关系月报

Jan 14, 2016
The year in U.S.-China relations concluded as it started—in the uncertain afterglow of an Obama-Xi summit that stressed cooperation and delivered agreements on cybersecurity, climate change, and military encounters. Although the September 2015 meeting appeared to stem further deterioration in mutual perceptions, mistrust between governments and citizens continues to shackle the relationship.

Release of U.S. Sailors Is a Win for Rouhani and Iran’s Moderates

Jan 14, 2016
The prompt release of the 10 U.S. Navy personnel captured Tuesday by Iran’s military shows that, finally, more sensible counsels are prevailing in Tehran, write Haleh Esfandiari and Robert Litwak.