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Russia’s Way of Managing Responsibility or Why the Kremlin Will Have To Escalate in Syria

Nov 09, 2015
The cause of the most terrible plane crash in Russian history has not yet been named. Officially, there is still a possibility that the crash of the Russian passenger plane that went down on the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, on October 31st was due to a technical failure, not an act of terror. But still, there is a responsibility to be assumed: either for aircraft maintenance or for Russia’s role in the Syrian war. The two types of responsibility are vastly different, but they both involve holding state officials accountable for protecting citizens’ safety.

The Real Reason the Xi-Ma Meeting Was Historic

Nov 09, 2015
"If this meeting is historic, it is for a different reason: it is a chance to say farewell to Ma, who will most likely be the last president elected in Taiwan who still has a “one-China” mentality. This meeting is a farewell to the old tradition and paradigm of cross-Strait relations," writes Zheng Wang.

Takeaways From the Russian Jet Downed Over Egypt

Nov 09, 2015
"A rethinking of U.S. policy in Syria may yet come. Right now, the downing of this Russian jet feels less like a transformative event and more like another twist in the long war against jihadi terrorism–and a reminder that, 14 years after 9/11, terrorist threats to commercial aviation remain real and terrifying," writes Aaron David Miller.

The Month in U.S. - China Relations (September) 中美关系月报

Nov 06, 2015
The White House was wise to ignore GOP candidates’ calls for the cancellation or downgrading of the September state visit of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Xi’s visit brought both ceremony and substance—even if Pope Francis and John Boehner sucked most of the media oxygen from the autumn air. As you will read in the articles below, President Obama and General Secretary Xi have much to be proud of. The two leaders announced cybersecurity and climate change agreements, an accord on military encounters at sea and air, and consequential trade deals. More importantly, they seem to have arrested the downward slide in mutual perceptions of the relationship, at least for a while.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Nov 06, 2015
"The statements of both Sharif and Aziz raise legitimate questions about whether and why Pakistani policy in the seemingly intractable Afghan peace process has evolved behind those curtains that keep it in deep shadows," writes William Milam.