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Next Deadline for George F. Kennan Fellowship Competition Approaching

Sep 01, 2015
The Kennan Institute seeks fellowship applicants from diverse, policy-oriented sectors such as media, business, local government, law, civil society, and academia to examine important political, social, economic, cultural, and historical issues in Russia, Ukraine, and the region.

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U.S. Sanctions Target al Qaeda Financiers

Aug 07, 2015
On August 5, the U.S. Treasury issued new sanctions targeting financial supporters of al Qaeda and the Nusra Front, al Qaeda’s Syria branch.

What Stood Out From Obama’s Speech on Iran Deal at American University

Aug 07, 2015
At American University, the president was not the persuader in chief but the lecturing professor in chief—and his approach was unlikely to gain converts. Here's why.

The End of WW II From Japan's Perspective and its Implications for Today

Aug 06, 2015
As we observe the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, Shihoko Goto describes the end of war from Japan's perspective. “Japan can be a stronger regional leader by articulating its history as a whole, both as a victim and as an aggressor,” Goto says.

South Sudan: Can Regional Mediation End the Conflict?

Aug 05, 2015
Getachew Gebrekidan has been studying the mediation role of the regional organization, IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) in its attempts to assist in bringing an end to the conflict in South Sudan. He shares his findings and thoughts on the sources of the conflict and what it will take to achieve peace. That’s the focus of this edition of Wilson Center NOW.

Streseman Workshop 2015: Illusionary Visions or Policy Options?

Aug 05, 2015
The NPIHP, together with the Stressman Society, Mainz (Germany) and the Universities of Mainz and Würzburg organized the 'Streseman Workshop,' an academic workshop on international history that was held from 5 to 8 July at the State Chancellery of Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz. Research focus included ideas, concepts and policies on how to establish alternatives to structures of Cold War security in Europe. The workshop was generously sponsored by the State Chancellery of Rhineland Palatinate, the Representation of Rhineland Palatinate in Berlin, the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, the University of Mainz's friends association, and the Private Funds of Peter E. Eckes.

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Kubra in her workshop. (Photo by Justin Sutcliffe/Polaris)

As the U.S. prepares to withdraw from the longest war in its history, a look at the lives changed, promises made, and ideas shaped by war in Afghanistan.


The Future of Higher Education

Mar 26, 2014Apr 02, 2014

Jeff Abernathy and Richard Morrill discuss how colleges and universities are dealing with rapidly rising costs and how the United States can still compete for students in a globalized environment.