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Stefan Froehlich on Context

The Future of US-EU Relations

Mar 14, 2012
Once shoulder to shoulder allies against the USSR, the US and the EU still share many common challenges. In this interview Stefan Froehlich discusses trans-Atlantic ties, analyzing the impact of austerity budgets and a reduced US military presence on European security.
US Marine in Afghanistan

The Wounds of War

Mar 14, 2012
The Wilson Center’s Nancy Sherman, an expert on the psychological toll of war, discusses post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the military, days after a U.S. soldier was accused of massacring 16 Afghan civilians.

With Congress at Low Point, Time for Reform Is Now

Mar 14, 2012
Former House Rules Committee staffer and Wilson Center expert Don Wolfensberger lays out a step-by-step plan to restore Congress’ “culture of lawmaking.” Committees—not party leaders—should control legislative work, he says, and campaign finance reforms are needed to shift attention from 24-7 fundraising.

U.N. Won’t Back Down on Iran Nuclear Inspections

Mar 13, 2012
In an exclusive interview, the head of the U.N.’s nuclear agency says it will demand Iran allow access to a key military site—even if it escalates tensions, Michael Adler reports.

Honoring Fearless Women Around the World

Mar 13, 2012
The support of “enlightened men” is needed to protect women and girls from sexual exploitation, including epidemic rates of assault and rape in the U.S. military, says Jane Harman, director, president, and CEO of The Wilson Center. Interviewed by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on International Women’s Day, Harman emphasized that women too have a strong duty to help one another—especially those who have shattered the proverbial “glass ceiling.” “(We need) to help the women coming after us; not roll up the ladder,” she says.